What is a bounty tournament?

A bounty tournament is a poker tournament in which a fixed amount of money has been placed upon a players head, and whoever eliminates that player from the tournament wins the bounty, which is usually a cash prize. You may also find a few tournaments that give prizes for knocking out a certain amount of players from the tournament.

It’s extra free cash!

The bounty that is placed on a players head is extra cash and not taken from the main tournament prize pool, and many US online poker rooms will run bounty tournaments as promotions. You will see that occasionally the bounty is on a professional player's head or that of a previous tournament winner at the room. They are a lot of fun and great for beginners, especially when you get to sit at the same table as the player with the bounty, and it’s great to know that you can take away extra cash from the tournament without even getting in the money seats.

Where to play bounty tournaments?

It’s a great feeling knowing you’ve knocked a player out of a tournament, but it’s even better when you get a little extra cash for doing it. Full Flush Poker is a great place to enjoy bounty tournaments and you’ll also get a fantastic 150% welcome bonus up to $650 too, as well as plenty of other great promotions.

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