What is a bad beat in poker?

A bad beat in poker is something that you don’t want to see much of, however you will see them from time time. A bad beat is when you lose out unexpectedly in a hand which you would have normally won. It is often the case that you’re running strong in the hand and the money looks set to be yours however you get beat by a card on the river and another player steps in and takes down the pot.

Do bad beats happen more in online poker?

You’ll read on poker forums and such about how players always seem to get hit with bad beats when playing online poker, and they often wrongly assume that it’s being done on purpose. This is just not true and the poker room itself couldn’t really care who wins the hand, it is of no financial gain to them whatsoever who wins as they make their money in raking the pot. The fact is that you will see more bad beats when playing online poker rather than in a live tournament or cash game simply due to the fact that you will play many more hands in any given time frame when playing online. The cards are dealt faster, action is much faster in general and if you were to do the maths then bad beats come online at exactly the same rate of hands that they do offline.

Take the sting out of a bad beat!

The bad beats will come no matter where you play online poker and there’s absolutely no chance of avoiding them sometimes, it’s just part of the game. You can however take the sting out of a bad beat with a healthy reload bonus and you’ll get plenty of those when you sign up and play your game at BetOnline Poker.