What is a calling station in poker?

A calling station in poker is a type of player that calls bets regularly even when they really know that they shouldn’t. The type of player that very rarely raises or folds and simply continues to call to stay in the hand. Once spotted at the table then these types of players are very easy to take advantage of, as all they appear to do is donate their cash to the pot.

Don’t be a calling station!

One of the first things you should learn in poker is to say enough is enough and not be worried about mucking plenty of cards. You’ll see that the best players will not play every hand, in fact they won’t play that many hands at all, and a calling station is something that you simply do not want to become. It’s often the case that new players are constantly chasing hands and waiting for that card to appear on the turn or the river, and it rarely does.

The key to avoiding this type of play is to know your ‘outs’ in any situation and if you haven’t got enough of them just throw your hand. Remember that a calling station is not a bluffer, this type of player continuously calls and is easy to read and if you find yourself at a table with one, then make the most of it.

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