What is the river in poker?

The river is the fifth and final community card that is dealt in any community card game of poker, with the most common type of that being Texas Hold’em. The river, being the last card dealt can make or break hands and fortunes have been won and lost on the river. It can and often does contribute to a bad beat and you’ll hear so many poker players stories of how they got beat badly on the river.

What is rivered?

The term rivered is use when a player has been beat on the river, i.e, “I had a great hand, things were looking good, then wouldn’t you know it, I got rivered.” Getting rivered is common in poker and players will often say that it happens more in online poker than in a live game, however this is not true. It will appear that you get rivered more often in online poker simply because you will play so many more hands than in a live cash game or tournament. Getting rivered is part and parcel of the game of poker and the luck runs both ways in that you’ll be the recipient of a fair share of winning cards on the river too.

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