What does all in mean?

In poker terminology all in means to place all of your chips into the pot. You may go all in at anytime and it is a very important part of playing poker. Whether you have a great hand or are just bluffing by going all in you are forcing your opponents to make a big decision by either calling your bet (the total amount of your chips) or by folding and giving you the pot.

When to go all in?

Deciding on when to go all in really does depend on the hand you are holding or the position you are in at the table regarding your chip stack size. You’ll find that should you have a very large stack then going all in against smaller stacks now and again will help you take the pot, as other players may not wish to risk what little they have left. You’ll also find that many players will push all in when push really does come to shove and they have little left to lose.

Bluffing with an all in move

Bluffing is the art of forcing your opponent to fold what you believe is a weaker hand than the one you are holding, and you’ll see that many players will bluff with an all in, in an attempt to steal the pot. Before doing this you should be confident that you will force your opponent to fold as if they read your bluff you’ll find yourself on the wrong end of a bad all in call.

Go All in at Americas Cardroom

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