What is a raise in poker?

A raise is type of bet that is an increase in size to the previous bet. An example would be that player A calls the big blind of let’s say $20, then player B raises that bet $20 meaning that player B would bet a total of $40. There are a few conditions in place when making a raise and it’s usual that the raise must at least double the previous bet. The doubling rule is in place, especially in online poker to save time and stop players making petty raises that mean another betting round must take place.

When do poker players raise?

Typically players will raise the bet when they are holding what they believe is a good hand, however it is also used when bluffing. A raise pre-flop is often made when the player is holding good hole cards and is seen as an aggressive move that often forces other players to fold.

What is a re-raise?

A re-raise is a bet that is made over and above a raise. Using the previous example, Player A calls the big blind of $20, Player B raise that to $40 and then player A re-raises to $80. A re-raise is often made when the initial raise is believed to have been a bluff.

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